In this episode we chat with Susan Benigas, the head of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. We talk about the awakening that many doctors and health professionals-but also people working in other areas-are having when introduced to the field of Lifestyle Medicine. We talk about the potential that this field has to transform not only health and healthcare, but also social, economic and even planetary health. Susan makes the case that we need “Lifestyle In Medicine” but also seeing “LifestyleAs Medicine”. And she knows that working in a medical professional association, goes beyond its conventional institutional expectations, but function as magnets for passion-driven people who are on a mission to redefine health. 

Susan Benigasis the Executive Director of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. She is theco-founder of The Plantrician Project and theInternational Plant-based Nutrition Healthcare Conference. She received ACLM’s inaugural President’s Award for outstanding achievement in advancing the field of Lifestyle Medicine. 

This course gives you the theoretical and practical tools to understand and take part in the paradigmatic transformations that are taking place in Health.
For more information about  the course «Curso de Pensamiento Complejo,Crítico, Multidisciplinario y Sistémico en Salud»
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