In this episode we speak with Dr. Dean Ornish, known as the Father of LifestyleMedicine. He shares his personal Hero ́s Journey which ended up being a guide for thousands of other journeys. Lifestyle Medicine is part of every hero ́s journey and in this seminal case, it was the birth of a movement that is likely to transform medicine and even culture at large.Lifestyle Medicine is an existential journey, and through vulnerability and courage, we can learn to rise after we fall and even after we are in the brink of suicide. This might be an analogy for the rebirth many of us want to see at the individual, economical, political and environmental journeys that we are living as a species. 

DrDean Ornish is the founder of the Preventive Medicine Research Institute. Heis a professor of medicine at the University of California. Hereceived histraining ininternal medicine from the BaylorCollege of Medicine, HarvardMedical School, and the Massachusetts General Hospital.He is the author of six best-selling books and has published extensively in the top scientific journals. He is considered the father of lifestyle medicine.

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