In this episode we talk to Thomas Schindler about changing narratives and stories to create the necessary conditions so that economical, political and societal forces can co -create a future more conducive to sustainability that valorizes capitalina more-expanded way: from financial capital to environmental, from cultural capital to spiritual. We need a positive narrative of how we want to live in balance with this planet and ten billion people and the rest of nature. We need a narrative that guides the way out of the current -apparently broken -paradigm into a new one that allows us and the planet to thrive.His awareness of the interdependence between his private life and the planetary systems, creates a coherence that we would like to see and more and more.

Thomas Schindler has lead several projects and ventures to connect ideas and technology to address humanities pressingcrises. He believes that while we technically can solve the planetary problems with technology, we can not use these solutions until we have changed our collective stories.This is why he focuses on helping people to change their mind and awaken to the fact that everyone can make an impact.

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