In this episode we delved into a bit of medical anthropology and philosophy of science with Theresa MacPhail. As patients, we want and demand straight answers from the medical science but these are almost impossible to get. Science in general and Medicine in particular, must examine their own methods and be open to inputs and critiques from the social sciences, who are as interested as the hard sciences in getting a better understanding of heath.
Culture is a big determinant of what we value and define as “Health”, and its perspectives shift continuously because they come from a diverse set of stakeholders: from patients to health companies, from governments to academics.
The work of medical anthropologists and Science & Technology scholars is precious, because we need to keep creating shared meanings and agendas in a super-specialized world.

Theresa MacPhail is a writer and medical anthropologist with a PhD from UC-Berkeley.
She is a professor who teaches Science & Technology Studies, an interdisciplinary field that examines the creation, development, and consequences of science and technology in their historical, cultural, and social contexts.
She´s interested in deep scientific theory as well as the everyday lived experiences of microbiologists, biomedical scientists and medical practitioners.

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