In this episode we spoke with physician, inventor, entrepreneur and communicator Daniel Kraft. We discussed the difference between Sick Care and Health Care and how this subtle difference in terms can potentially have a huge impact in private and public health.
We spoke about the Social Determinants of Health, the intersection of lifestyle and Tech and the amazing potential emerging technologies have to disrupt the way Biomedical Medicine has been evolving over the past two decades. As an expert in the curation of Health conferences, Daniel has great insights for the future of these gatherings that bring together innovators, technologists academicians and doctors.

Daniel Kraft is a Stanford and Harvard-trained physician, scientist, inventor, entrepreneur, and innovator and is serving as the Chair of the XPRIZE Pandemic & Health Alliance Task Force. He has served as faculty chair for Medicine at Singularity University were he is the founder and chair of Exponential Medicine. He has multiple scientific publications, founded Digital.Health and advises several health-related startups.

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